Ampolt Advanced Metering Infrastructure System (AMI) empowers electricity, gas, water or combination utilities with a proven means to increase meter reading efficiency, reduce overhead costs and enhance customer service simple, reliable, and with unlimited flexibility.

Ampolt AMI Features

  • Recording energy consumption data for consumer and utility (kWh, kVARh voltage, pf, max demand etc.)
  • Automatically send the consumption data to the utility at pre-defined intervals
  • Time-based pricing signal for Demand Response
  • Bi-directional communication ability
  • Net metering to facilitate integration of Distributed Generation in the form of Roof Top Solar etc.
  • Loss of power (and restoration) event notification
  • Remote Load limiting for Peak Load management
  • Remote connection and disconnection of individual supply
  • Gateway to communicate other meters data (Gas/water)
  • Communications with other intelligent devices in the home
  • Reporting meter tampering in real time to the utility
  • Energy Prepayment/Post-Payment

Ampolt AMI HAN

Ampolt AMI Benefits