ASCADA as a systen can be utilized in various process oriented segments which includes Industrial, Infrastructure and Facility processes as mentioned

Industrial processes include those of manufacturing, production, power generation, fabrication, and refining, and may run in continuous, batch, repetitive, or discrete modes.

Infrastructure processes may be public or private, and include solid waste management, water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, oil and gas pipelines, electrical power transmission and distribution, wind farms, civil defense siren systems, and large communication systems.

Facility processes occur both in public facilities and private ones, including buildings, airports, ships, and space stations. They monitor and control heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC), access, and energy consumption.

ASCADA acts as a front and for various backand embedded systems which involves

  • Automated Meter Reading data loggers
  • Temperature and Humidity data loggers
  • Single phase Inverter data loggers
  • Three phase Inverter data loggers
  • MPPT Chargers
  • GPS Tracking

ASCADA Features

  • GRPS/SMS based communication
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Offline Tracking
  • Reports
  • DashBoard