Cluster Simulator

Cluster Simulator was designed and developed using MUXlab4 and a microcontroller board based on LPC 2388. The objective of this system is to decode CAN messages form MUClab4 and pump the information to a display for validation. The system can also be programmed to send messages over CAN thereby making it responsive to Data requests and/or Error propagations.


Rapid prototyping solution for embedded applications

The MUXlab4 hardware platform is based on 32-bit microcontrollers (MPC5567) that include resources required for embedded applications: 8 analog, 12 frequency, and 24 digital inputs; 8 analog, 16 digital, and 8 PWM outputs; 5 ISO 11898 CAN interfaces with 2 configurable CAN with a high-speed or low-speed physical layer; and 2 LIN interfaces. Memory includes 2 MB of flash, 1 MB of SRAM, and 128 KB of saved RAM. Users can integrate MUXlab4 in electronic systems and validate it with standard protocols. It also offers sleep and wake-up capability for power management and event detection, flash memory access for context backup, CAN calibration protocol (CCP) for data acquisition, and parameter modification during run time.


  • CAN, LIN, Ethernet, USB, and CCP interfaces and gateway
  • Network configuration by database (dbc and ldf files)
  • Power management and wake-up capability
  • Variable and parameter backup in flash memory