Ampolt Zero Drop Solar Charger

A zero drop solar charger is a device which ensures that the voltage from the solar panel reaches the battery without undergoing any kind of drop either due to resistance or semiconductor interference such as diodes etc in line. The device here uses a mosfet as a switch for ensuring minimum drop of voltage received from the attached solar panel.

Ampolt’s low cost zero drop solar chargers are available in various ranges 12V to 120V and 5A to 60A which is compatible with Ampolt’s inverter design and can be used with other inverter designs as well. These chargers are called 'zero drop solar chargers' as they do not have diode drop of 0.7V.

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This is a MOSFET based design which has very negligible voltage drop of 0.05V or less which means the loss is very less, ideal for solar applications. Since the drop is less, the losses are negligible and hence the efficiency achieved is > 99.5%. This is a micro-controller based charger, that senses the battery full charge voltage and will cut-off the battery when it reaches full charge. It will reconnect the battery if the battery drops to a preset level. The charger will also disconnect the panel from the battery to avoid the reverse current flow from battery to the panel during night. Moreover, if the panel is connected in reverse, the micro-controller will not switch on the charger, so does it when the battery is connected in reverse where the charger will not function. Battery reverse and panel reverse protections are incorporated in the design. If both panel and battery are connected in reverse at the same time, the micro-controller will not switch on the charger. In all the above cases, the circuit is well protected and there will not be any current flow from the panel or battery.

Technical Specification

Voltage 12V - 96V
Current 10A-80AC
Efficiency > 99.5%
Protections Against Battery Reverse
Pannel Reverse
B attery Overcharge ( full charge cut - off level is settable )
Battery current reverse flow to panel (during nights)
Indications Battery reverse LED
Pannel reverse LED
Charging LED
Opto - Coupler output for Charging signal to external circuits (like inverters)