A Voltage Stabilizer is an electrical device which is used to provide a constant voltage output to a load at its output terminals irrespective of any change/ fluctuation in the input i.e. incoming supply.A Static Voltage stabilizer has no moving parts as in case of Servo based Voltage Stabilizers. It uses a Power Electronic Converter Circuit to stabilize the voltage. These Static Voltage Stabilizers have very high accuracy and the voltage stabilization is within ±1%.This is the latest technology of voltage regulation to provide real-time control of voltage fluctuation, sag, surge and also to control other power quality issues such as spikes and EMI/RFI electrical noises. This uses an IGBT regulator engine generating pulse width modulated (PWM) AC voltage at high switching frequency. This AC PWM wave is superimposed on the main incoming wave through a buck-boost transformer, to provide precisely regulated AC voltage. The regulation in this technology is instantaneous, thus making it suitable for electronic machines which need precise regulated power.



  • No harmonic distortion.
  • No distortion in output waveform.
  • Overload cut-off and short circuit cut-off.
  • Over voltage and under voltage cut-off.
  • Continuous duty cycle.
  • Fast regulation.
  • High efficiency.

Technical Specification

  • Technology - IGBT based PWM Voltage Regulator
  • Type of connection - Star, R, Y, B, N
  • Input Voltage Range - 300V - 467V  Ph 
  • Output Voltage - 415V +/- 1% Ph
  • Response Time - Within 10ms
  • Rate of Correction - ≥ 10000V/Sec depend upon input voltage variation
  • Frequency Range - 43Hz To 63Hz
  • EMI/RFI -Filter  -  Equipped with EMI/RFI Filtering For Proper Operation
  • Efficiency - ≥ 97% (With 20% To 100% Load Conditions)
  • Display - Digital Display, LCD Type - Micro Controlled Based 
  • Readable Facility - Input & Output Voltage Readable, Load readable.
  • Protection - Overload, Short Circuit, High Voltage Cut-off, Low Voltage Cut-off.
  • Trip And Restart - Auto and Manual. 
  • Nature Of Cooling - Natural- Air Cooled/ Fan Forced-Cooled
  • Duty Cycle - Continuous
  • Waveform Distortion - Nil
  • Operating Temperature - 10ºC to 55ºC
  • Enclosure - IP21, IP54 and other Ingress protections can be implemented on user’s requirement.
  • Surge Protection - In-built MOV Based Class 2 Surge Protection. 
  • Noise Filter - In-built Through Filter Capacitor 

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