AMPOLT MICRO inverter enables individual panel output control when flexibility and modularity are required.This AMPOLT MICRO inverter‘s unique individual panel output control can reduce shading and mismatching effect.The Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT) algorithm maximizes energy and flexibility.Microinverters are small inverters rated to handle the output of a single panel. Modern grid-tie panels are normally rated between 225 and 275W, but rarely produce this in practice, so microinverters are typically rated between 190 and 220 W. Because it is operated at this lower power point, many design issues inherent to larger designs simply go away; the need for a large transformer is generally eliminated.


  • Wireless data monitoring
  • Remote monitoring through
  • Easy configuration
  • Up to 30 MICRO inverters directly
  • Monitered by a single CDD
  • Access to monitoring data - 24-hours a day, 3 days a week, via a web- or mobile-based device
  • Mesh network topology - ensures redundancy in communications and the highest design flexibility

Technical Specification

  • Nominal output power - 250W
  • Rated grid AC voltage - 208V 
  • Maximum output power - 260W
  • Maximum efficiency - 96.5%
  • Ambient air operating temperature range  -40°F to +167°F

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