The Solar MPPT Charge Controller was created with real world considerations, including reverse battery protection and software programmable alarms.We have developed a microcontroller based MPPT (Maximum power point tracking) charger for solar panel from 12V,24V,36,48V chargers up to 100A.The microcontroller scans the impedance of the circuit from maximum to minimum and finds the point at which maximum power is delivered and fixes the impedance at that point. MPPT charger provide 20% to 30% extra energy compared to conventional chargers.


  • Advance microprocessor control.
  • Buck regulator wide input range.
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Solar charge controller with DC load control.
  • Reverse polarities protection of PV and battery.
  • Battery overcharge and overdischarge protection.

Technical Specification

  • Nominal Battery Voltage - 180V
  • Maximum Battery Charging Current - 55A
  • Battery Voltage Range - 120V-216V
  • Maximum PV Panel Rating - 10KW
  • Input PV Voltage Range ,Voc - 415V
  • Maximum Input PV Current - 44A
  • Power Conversion Efficiency - ≥94%
  • MPPT Efficiency - >99%

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