AMPOLT Advanced lighting solutions that can transform your home with a touch. AMPOLT offers the unparalleled convenience of controlling your lighting, climate, entertainment, and security from a single, intuitive app.Ampolt work closely with businesses to deliver home automation solutions such as instant operations using wearable technology,mobile applications, and web intervention. So, whether it is setting the thermostat at the optimum levels or managing home lightning based on human presence in rooms, we will make your ideas and indulgences come to life.Convenience, security, comfort and energy efficiency are all improved when you effortlessly control and automate your home, with as much or as little technology as you wish. Typically, technologies that are included in a smart home are lighting; heating and cooling; entertainment systems and appliances.


  • SMART INTEGRATION - Whether for a new home / office or upgrading an existing infra, AMPFYI smart lighting dimmers and switches are elegant and energy efficient.
  • SECURITY + CAMERA SURVEILLANCE -  While you’re asleep, it keeps watch, alerts you to any intruders and sounds the alarm in an emergency.
  • CLIMATE CONTROLS - Adjust the thermostat remotely so you’ll be comfortable when you get home. Set specific temperatures in different rooms to keep the whole family happy.
  • COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE - Enjoy a consistently comfortable and inviting home that automatically responds to your life and maximizes energy savings.
  • ENERGY SAVING - In AMPOLT Smart Home the heating and cooling is monitored. Additionally the power consumption from lighting or appliances are measured and displayed.

Technical Specification

  • Rated I/P Voltage -  230VAC
  • Rated Current - 100mA
  • Type - General purpose indoor
  • Frequency - 50Hz +-5%
  • Phase - 1PH
  • Frame - PNT14
  • Insulation class - A Class
  • Ambient Temperature - 50? C

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