AMPOLT Smart pole will enable a wide range of evolving smart city applications that harness the potential of the Internet of Things.The design of the new smart pole will incorporate a range of technological capabilities into a form factor that will blend into a variety of different cityscapes.Equipped with a fully integrated antenna, the new smart pole will collocate multiple wireless carriers in a single structure and can accommodate a variety of radio configurations from various major OEMs.Additionally, the lighting on each smart pole can be monitored and managed remotely to optimise energy savings and reduce maintenance costs using AMPOLT CityTouch connected street lighting management system.


  • Solar Charging - High-Efficiency MPPT Solar Charging for yielding maximum solar power to provide green uninterrupted solar power for the running of the load.
  • Battery Backup - Smart Poles can be configured with Lead Acid or Li-Ion batteries for green energy saving and giving uninterrupted power.
  • Hybrid AC Charging - Hybrid AC charging in case of bad weather or when the battery is on the lower side. The system will charge from Grid for uninterrupted power.
  • WIFI Hotspot - Hotspots are available for many uses. Fully customizable as Free, Limited Access or Prepaid WiFi.
  • LED Lighting - LED Luminary of high lumen output is used to illuminate the roads with multilevel energy saving mode.
  • E-Vehicle Charger - Integrated EV charger having multiple output voltages can be activated by an RFID card, wallet payment, remote operator, or can simply ON at all times.

Technical Specification

  • LED Light power - 30W - 90W
  • Flux  -  3600 - 10800lm
  • Working Temperature -  -20 oC ~ + 55 oC 
  • Solar Panel - 150W - 1000W
  • Battery Voltage - 24V
  • Battery capacity - 150Ah - 800Ah
  • Battery chemistry  -  Lead acid, Li-ion, LiFePO4 etc. 
  • Input Voltage : 110V - 230VDC
  • Frequency -  45 - 65Hz
  • AC Charging Enable - Battery <50%
  • Load Switch Over to grid - Battery <50%
  • AC Disable - Battery >75%

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