The electrodeless induction fluorescent lamp, more commonly known as an "induction lamp", is based on Faraday's principle of electromagnetic induction and possesses a structure similar to a transformer.The innovation is that there is no electrode while the energy is coupled to the lamp through a high frequency induction magnetic field. This new technology solves the problems associated with electrode-aging, resulting in a maintenance free lamp with a long lifespan.



  • Induction lamp reduces consumption upto 50%.
  • Induction lamps are fluorescent lamps with electromagnets wrapped around a part of tube.
  • Induction lamps last about 5 times longer than high pressure sodium and metal Hallide lamp.
  • By using electromagnetic fields, induction lamps are able to produce more visible light than any other traditional lighting sources.
  • The induction coil produces a very strong magnetic field which travels through the glass and excites the mercury atoms in the interior which are provided by a pallet of amalgam (a solid form of mercury).


Technical Specification

  • Watts electrical usage -  40W to 400W
  • Operating Temperature  - Good performance at even lower temperatures.
  • Color Rendering Index  >=  80
  • Life span -  1,00,000 hours
  • Maintenance ~ Zero Maintenance
  • Comprehensive color temperature 2700 -6500K
  • Start time - Short starting and restarting time
  • Lumen output - High 70 - 90Lm/W
  • Flickering - No
  • Operating Frequency - 200 - 300khz
  • Shapes - Circular and Rectangular

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